Tuition and Costs

Professional MSAT Program

*Below are tuition and fee estimates for our Professional Masters Degree in Athletic Training.

For all financial information regarding tuition, fees, etc. at the University of Connecticut, please visit the UConn Bursar's Office.

For tuition costs for 2018-2019 school year please see the following link from the UConn Bursar's office:

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In-State Students


Tuition Fees Estimated cost
Summer I $11,942 $222 $12,164
Fall I $7,675 $1,155 $8,830
Spring I $7,675 $1,155 $8,830
Summer II $3,412 $171 $3,583
Fall II $7,675 $1,155 $8,830
Spring II $7,675 $1,155 $8,830
Total $51,067


Out-of-State Students


Tuition Fees Estimated cost
Summer I $11,942 $222 $12,164
Fall I $18,481 $1,155 $19,636
Spring I $18,481 $1,155 $19,636
Summer II $3,412 $171 $3,583
Fall II $18,481 $1,155 $19,636
Spring II $18,481 $1,155 $19,636
Total $94,291


Other Associated Program Costs

*Below are estimates for anticipated costs associated with the Professional Athletic Training Program. Please consult the Program Policies page for more information.


Personal liability insurance $0 *Covered by UnConn for all affiliated sites
NATA Student Membership $60 *$85 for renewing students
ATRACK Fee $80 *$80 lifetime subscription, or $45 annual fee
CPR/First Aid Certification $80-100
Clothing variable *As needed for professional attire
Transportation variable *Transportation may be needed to and from clinical rotation sites
Criminal Background check variable *As required by clinical sites
Health Immunizations variable *Depends on health insurance


During the application process, applicants are encouraged to apply for eligible scholarships/fellowships through the UConn graduate school. As part of their application, graduate students will be prompted to select whether they wish to be considered for the eligible scholarship or fellowship awards. The MSAT program will then be able to see those applicants, select the ones they wish to nominate, and then fill in the required supporting documentation. Per graduate school policies, a maximum of four nominated students are allowed in each category, and the program will be required to rank the nominees. All supporting documentation will be provided through the SLATE application of the UConn Graduate School application. A Fellowship Selection Committee, appointed by the Graduate School, will determine the final candidates for the awards, and will notify the highest ranked candidates to be awarded the scholarship/fellowship.


The full process of awarding scholarships/fellowships from the UConn Graduate School can be found here:


Current Undergraduate Program (B.S.)

*Below are estimates for our current undergraduate program. Please consult the UConn website for Tuition and Costs.