Plan of Study and Guidelines

Plan of Study:

The Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) program provides students with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be a certified athletic trainer. The full-time, two-year, year-round program will provide students with a didactic and clinical curriculum that addresses the professional education standards as established by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). Students are prepared to become evidence-based health care professionals through a combination of classroom, clinical education, and research experiences.


Summer I - Term I
Course Number Course Title Credits
KINS 5200 Foundations of Athletic Training Clinical Education 2
PT 5410 Human Anatomy: Trunk & Upper Extremity 4
Summer I - Term II
PT 5412 Human Anatomy: Pelvis & Lower Extremity 4
KINS 5100 Musculoskeletal Examination & Acute Treatment I 4
Fall I
KINS 5101 Musculoskeletal Examination & Acute Treatment II 4
KINS 5105 Clinical Epidemiology in Athletic Training 3
KINS 5102 Therapeutic Interventions I 4
KINS 5201 Athletic Training Clinical Experience I 2
KINS 5106 Emergency Procedures In Athletic Training 4
Spring I
KINS 5107 Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment of the Spine 3
KINS 5103 Therapeutic Interventions II 4
KINS 5202 Athletic Training Clinical Experience II 2
KINS 5109 Medical Aspects of Athletic Training 4
Variety Elective 3
Summer II
KINS 5203 Athletic Training Clinical Experience III 1
KINS 5112 Behavioral Health (online) 3
Fall II
KINS 5110 Leadership, Administration, and Professional Development in Athletic Training 3
KINS 5108 Research Design and Implementation in Athletic Training 4
KINS 5204 Athletic Training Immersive Clinical Experience I 10
Spring II
KINS 5113 Therapeutic Interventions III 3
KINS 5111 Practical Applications of Injury Assessment and Care 2
KINS 5205 Athletic Training Immersive Clinical Experience II 6