B.S. Degree Materials

Plan of Study and Guidelines

Plan of Study:

Plans of Study list graduation requirements for the Athletic Training degree. Students should use a Plan of Study to track their progress toward earning the degree. Students must submit a Final Plan of Study to the Registrar’s Office during the semester prior to the semester they intend to graduate.

2016-2017 Athletic Training Plan of Study.pdf

2015-2016 Athletic Training Plan of Study.pdf

2014-2015 Athletic Training Plan of Study.pdf

2013-2014 Athletic Training Plan of Study.pdf



Guidelines/ Sample Semester Sequence:

Students should follow the guidelines matching the year they were admitted into the Athletic Training program. The guidelines include a Sample Semester Sequence.

Tuition and Costs

Please consult the UConn website for Tuition and Costs.


How many students are in the program? How many faculty members?

The undergraduate program has 28 students in the fall and 42 in the spring; 14 students are accepted each January to begin the program the following semester.

There are five full-time faculty members in the Professional Athletic Training program. There are also two to three doctoral students and three adjunct (or part-time) faculty members which are all certified athletic trainers who are involved with classroom instruction.

How should I apply? / Can I apply online?

Please see the Admissions Requirements and Application Materials  pages for details on applying to Athletic Training major.

Where can I get information about financial aid?

Financial Aid information is available through the Office of Student Financial Aid

What are my residential/housing options?

Please visit the Department of Residential Life for information on housing

Where can I learn more about tuition and fees?

Please consult the UConn website for Tuition and Costs.  Additional fees for Athletic Training majors include yearly membership in the National Athletic Trainers Association, various background checks and costs associated with the Clinical Health Review form.

What are possible clinical education experiences?

Each student is assigned and required to complete a clinical rotation (KINS 3110, 3111, 3112, 3113, 3114) each semester of the program. Current clinical education experiences are with the following: all UConn varsity sports, high school and small college or private prep or boarding schools.

Students will also have opportunities to observe or participate in the following sports medicine experiences through the completion of KINS 3115 Sports Medicine Experience: general medicine physician & surgical procedures, sports medicine rehabilitation clinics, interscholastic & intercollegiate events, teaching assistant and research assistant.

Additionally, students have participated in internships over the summer and holiday breaks with the NFL (5 different teams in the last 5 years), the WNBA, major and minor league baseball, the Rockettes of Radio City Music Hall, as well as other interesting locations.

What are my post graduate opportunities?

UConn undergraduate athletic training students can continue on to graduate school within a year or two after graduation. Some examples of the schools recently enrolled at for graduate studies include Old Dominion University, James Madison University, Virginia Tech University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Florida, University of Virginia, San Jose State University, Florida International University and North Carolina State University.

Some UConn graduates find jobs at Division I, II & III colleges, high schools and sports medicine clinics; while others pursue careers in other allied health professions.

How do I know which courses to take?

Prior to being admitted to the program you will meet with your ACES advisor who will help you plan. After being admitted into the Athletic Training Program you will be assigned to one of the three faculty members in the undergraduate program. Please see the Athletic Training Guidelines for information on required courses.

How long will it take to get my degree?

The Bachelors of Science degree in Athletic Training is a 5 semester (2 ½ year) program after the completion of lower-division requirements. This program does not require summer coursework; however, summer coursework should be considered as a means to lighten a student’s course load during the year.

What do international students need to know when applying?

Please see the Department of International Services and Programs for information

Why should I elect to study athletic training at UConn, rather than at another institution?

As a student of the UConn undergraduate Athletic Training Program you will be provided with a broad intensive education. This education uses a hands-on approach which allows you to immediately get involved with athlete care.

Students are provided with excellent student: instructor ratio; 12:1 ratio in the classroom, in some cases 6:1 ratio in laboratory courses. For the clinical rotations the student to ratio is as follows: at the large university setting (UConn) the student to Preceptor ratio does not exceed 3:1, in the high school setting the student to ACI ratio will not exceed a 2:1 ratio, in the clinic/rehabilitation clinic the student to ACI ratio will not exceed a 2:1 ratio, in the small college setting (Trinity/ECSU) the student to Preceptor ratio will not exceed a 2:1 ratio, and in the general medical rotation (clinic/physician hours) the CI to student ratio will not exceed a 2:1 ratio.

Also, UConn Athletic Training students benefit from being part of a small program by consistently having personal instruction and having an educational staff that collectively advises them as needed.